A Personal Narrative Assignment

“WE’RE GOING TO ICELAND BITCHES!” My friends Lawrence and Victoria jumped around in excitement; their voices echoed throughout the airport terminal.

We were … going to Iceland.

I took a deep inhale, scrunched up my toes, and bit the inside of my lip. The corners of my lips crept into a smile whilst my breath waivered.

“AHHHHH! I can’t believe it! We’re really doing this!” I jumped around in excitement over what had seemed to be a distant dream, now being realized.

Was I really doing this? I didn’t just come out of a quarter-life crisis.

Janine Rogers, a nanny I connected with in a caregiver support group, works 50 hours a week. She is a single mother, a Jamaican immigrant, and a nanny for one of New York City’s elite. After being asked to stay late for the 5th time this week, she returned home late to her daughter once again. She is struggling to make ends meet. After all those extra hours she put in, the family expects her not to want extra pay. If she complains about working conditions, they find any excuse they can to dock pay. For example, if a child…

Kiera Williams

Screenwriter. Model. Strategist.

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